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My story. my mission

Dog Training  is not about getting dogs to stop being bad.  It’s about Giving Dogs a Sense of Fulfillment & Purpose.

Dogs that have a job are often the most balanced.  This is why I specialize in Service Dogs, Dog Sports & Advanced Obedience.

Growing up, we had a lot of dogs.  Knowing what I know now, my family was doing everything wrong.  Like many dog owners, we rescued dogs from shelters for companionship purposes.  In my mind, we had “good dogs” becuase they were “happy” and didn’t exhibit nuisance behaviors.  It never occured to me that they weren’t balanced or fulfilled.

When I grew up, I studied the teachings of the most famous trainers on Earth.  I learned that compansionship is important but it’s only one dimension of our relationship with our dogs.  I learned through experience that dogs feel a sense of achievement and pride when they have a job.  It gives them a sense of purpose that is evident on their cute faces.

I love guiding dogs so that they can lead more meaningful lives.  We specialize in Autism Assistance Dogs, Seizure Response Dogs, PTSD Service Dogs.  Diabetic Alert Dogs.  It’s fascinating to see the mutual benefit that people in need can share with their dogs.

Service Dogs

Specializing in Autism Service Dogs for Children on the Higher Spectrum. Also offering Diabetic Alert, Seizure Response and PTSD.

Obedience Training

“Sit” “Stay” “Heel” “Down” “Come” “Stand” & “Place” All Commands have an implied “Stay” until you say “Free”.

Dog exercising equipment

Weight Pulling, Agility, Biking and more. Let’s get started!

Cat Training

Virtual sessions allow us to get a bird eye’s view of your cat’s behavior and offer guidance, so you can have a balanced relationship with your furry friend.


Calming Signals

Listening To Your Dog

The goal is not to make the dog a little more human.  The goal is to make us a little more like a dog.

Many people ask me what is the first thing I do when I meet a dog. The first thing I do is listen to the dog. The video above by Emily Larlham discusses calming signals.  Dogs are communicating all the time yet few know how to listen.  Clear communication with dogs is vital.  How can we communicate with dogs if we don’t know how to listen?

Human Beings have feelings. Dogs are their feelings.  One book that I recommend to all dog owners is Inside of a Dog.  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to experience life as a dog?  Every living thing yearns to be understood & respected.  The dog must also learn how to listen to us.

Dog Trainer

Dog Psychology Expert

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