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Service Dogs

When you are dealing with disabilities, the last thing you need is the stress of a fraudelent service dog company. We respect your time & money and won’t sell you a service dog if it doesn’t make sense for you. Let’s talk about your goals, lifestyle & have a transparent conversation about realistic  expectations. I specialize in training dogs for Autism Assistance, PTSD, Seizure Response and Diabetic Alert Dogs.


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Autism Assistance Dogs

The first step is listening to your story & setting realistic goals.  An integrative approach is used by “the pack”  which consists of the family, your ABA therapist, myself & the dog.   With Autism service dogs, the whole training is customized because every family’s story is unique.

Seizure Response & PTSD Dogs.

Engagent with the handler is the first goal for Seizure & PTSD Service Dogs.  Engagement is the foundation for the advanced obedience that you’ll need in real world scenarios.  Your service dog needs to be attentive to you at farmer’s markets and other distracting environments.  Seizure Response  training is customized because every family’s story is unique.  Let’s discuss your goals and set sensible & transparent expectations.  Possibilities include training the dog to dial 911 at the sight of a seizure.  Attending to you in your time of need etc…

Dog Sports & Agility

Unleashing the Thrill:
Exploring Dog Sports & Agility Adventures

dog weight pulling

Weight Pulling is something that many dog owners have never heard of.  The benefits for the dog are immense.  It’s a Physical & Psychological Challenge that your dog will Love.  Let’s make an analogy.  You can take a child to a carnival or teach them the skill of rock climbing. Weight pulling has a similar benefit for dogs.  Your dog will feel fulfilled, proud and accomplished! 

K9 scent games & enrichment

Have you ever gotten drowsy from reading a book?  Thats what happens to many dogs when they learn scent discrimination.  It’s like reading a book that they love.  Many people don’t realize how a dog’s nose works. Click here to learn more. Scent games can be as simple as hiding a bag of lavendar around the yard or house.  When you say “search” the fun begins.  Finding the scent leads to toys, praise and other rewards.  Agility is another fun skill that is beneficial for all kinds of dogs.  

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